You are the shadow in the back of my eyes Permanently imprinted on my retina Like a polaroid picture that never fades

You are the mist of hot water droplets Condensing on my body Sliding down my neck Traversing the fullness of my curves

You are the echoes at the end of my day,  Bouncing against my eardrums Lulling me to sleep 

You are the beginning of dreams, the end of nightmares The origin of longing You are the essence of rapture

When we met on that fateful afternoon The earth shook underneath my feet  We found each other in the midst of loudness In the thickness of silence  In the void of emptiness

You are the shadow that veils my day Shading the hot summer sun Breaking the cold winter wind

You are the engine to my hours Gently humming  Tirelessly moving life forward

You are the honey in coffee The sugar in tea The Za’atar on mana’esh The rise in bread The sizzle on a hot shawarma pan  The sigh in lentil soup The tenderness in musakhan chicken

Without you I am a cook without a kitchen


A flower stretches its neck in the sun, Anthers protrude rigidly  beyond its petals, Waiting expectantly for the bird 

A Sunbird hovers  in the garden Flutters  from one flower to the other  Its feathers glisten iridescent blue. 

Pollen scatters from its wings falling into the troughs of longing stoma The roses whisper for it to stay a little longer  But the lilies beckon with seduction  The sunbird rushes in hypnotic attraction. 

I am the Sunbird Untethered Unhindered Free 

Darting between the flowers Filling my cup with nectar Waiting for wholeness  to fill the emptiness